GKV / TecPart: Innovation prize 2019 awarded at the "K" in Düsseldorf

12.11.2019 14:27

Ten prize winners were awarded the 18th GKV/Tecpart-Innovationspreis by the Verband Technische Kunststoff Produkte e. V. at the K 2019 in Düsseldorf.

Michael Weigelt, Managing Director of GKV/TecPart traditionally, presented the winners with the prestigious "K" in the presence of more than 50 invited guests and representatives of the trade press at the start of the K trade fair. The award went to 13 demanding parts from ten innovative plastics processors, who distinguished themselves as outstanding solutions in terms of design, manufacturing technology and plastics. In addition to the nine injection moulding solutions, most of which come from the automotive industry, three thermoforming products and one blow/extrusion component are also on the list of prize winners. The expert jury with five representatives from customer industries, thermoforming, education and science selected the winners during a one-day intensive jury meeting in August 2019 in Frankfurt.

In his introductory words to the Innovation Award Ceremony at the "K" in Düsseldorf, Michael Weigelt re-signed the extremely high technological status of plastics processors in Germany as follows: "The discussion about CO2 reduction and additional pricing will help to place plastic products on the winners' podium not only in this competition. The GKV/TecPart-Innovationspreis shows the public and the customers the whole range of possibilities that arise with technical plastic products. Products and entire assemblies made of conventional materials are constantly being replaced by resource-saving solutions made of polymer materials. The foundation for this sustained success of plastic products is the continuing high innovative strength of our important sector of the economy." 

The winners of the 18th KGV/TecPart-Innovation Award 2019 and their products:

Etimex Technical Components GmbH, Rottenacker, with a heat exchanger for heat recovery in the dishwasher

Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies N V, Lommel, Belgium, with a housing for a positive displacement pump in motors

Klaus Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Aitrach, with a seat shell for a 3-legged armchair

Koki Technik Transmission Systems GmbH, Niederwürschnitz, with a highly integrative smart plastic shift fork for a high-performance automotive transmission

Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG, Helmbrechts, with a

  • Replacement of galvanically chrome-plated plastic parts
  • Demonstrator "MyWave 3D White Panel"
  • Light guide and cover for illuminated belt buckle

Lakowa - Gesellschaft für Kunststoffbe- & -verarbeitung mbH, Wilthen, with a blue light system for rescue vehicles

LKH Kunststoffwerk Heiligenroth GmbH & Co. KG, Heiligenroth, with switchable air suspension components for an SUV

odelo GmbH, Stuttgart, with a rear light for Audi A6

Ros GmbH & Co.KG, Coburg, with a

  • Rotary valve for volume flow control in the thermal management module
  • Housing of a plastic thermostat module for a water pump Special features of the components

At the award ceremony, the special features of the components were highlighted, which the jury considered to be particularly innovative:

Etimex succeeded in inserting an already manufactured blow-moulded part into an extruded tube, which left the jury speechless about the production.

Koki was able to replace an aluminum solution with various work steps with a sophisticated plastic solution with directly integrated components such as sensors and magnets and make it 35 percent lighter.

Helvoet replaced a metal housing with thermosetting molding compounds and exceeded the narrow tolerance requirements in the one-step μm range.

Klaus realized the substitution of a wooden or steel framework by a thermoformed double shell with high fitting accuracy and variability.

Helmbrechts was also convincing with a previously unrealized white IML component with a partial disappearance effect of the inserted symbols.

Helmbrechts succeeded in refining the surface of a component with a chrome-plated appearance without, however, being galvanically active. Instead, the result was achieved with an innovative paint system and corresponding component design.

odelo uses innovative laser welding to join angled components with minimal joining webs to create an attractive rear light.

Ros conjures up a precise component from three plastics and a metal insert and makes it look as if it were a single piece.

Lakowa has proven with its component, which was manufactured exclusively from positively moulded thermoformed products, that it is possible to achieve a high degree of precision.

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