GKV/TecPart symposium: "Trends in plastics processing" on September 09 - focus on plastics recycling and circular economy

25.08.2021 09:20

GKV/TecPart symposium:

Dresden: 09 September 2021

In the context of green agreements and climate protection, the circular economy, especially the relevance of plastics recycling, will challenge all plastics processors in 2022. Not least, the image of the industry and the successful recruitment of skilled workers will depend on this. The seminar "Trends in Plastics Processing" will begin with these focal points on September 9, 2021 in Dresden. The political significance of plastics recycling in the circular economy was the focus of two key explanations at the beginning of the presentation. The local representative of the Federal Government's Advisory Council on Waste and Circular Economy at the Technical University of Dresden explained the role of plastics recycling in the implementation of product management. Professor Ph.D. Helmut Maurer represented the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment and explained the importance of the Green Agreement for the plastics processing industry
The future German government must also position itself in the consistency formulated in the first piece," said Michael Weigelt, managing director of the invited industry association GKV/TecPart as or not," Weigelt added. Indeed, the plastics industry is not only capable of what the public reports, but also proves it through its advertising campaign "We are plastic!" Julia Große-Wilde, managing director of GKV, knows how the industry works and the requirements and goals of the joint initiative to create a positive image for the materials and products they manufacture. This not only serves to objectify public discussion and prevent mismanagement due to incorrect material selection, but also aims to show the next generation a point of view.
Christoph Athanas, Senior Consultant of Meta HR Unternehmensberatung GmbH, opened the possibility of digital recruitment after the pandemic, also solved the problem of solving the problem of trained professionals and showed how medium-sized companies can compete their talents with the right people.

Professor Dr. Maik Gude from the Institute for Structural Lightweight Design and Plastics Technology at the Technical University of Dresden. His presentation focused on the challenges, potentials and possible solutions for future automotive plastics applications.

These innovations are not unique to the automotive sector, this is reflected under the heading "How to Learn to Fly in Injection Molding." PhD. Michael Stegelmann, Chief Commercial Officer of Anybrid GmbH, reported in his speech about a multiple award-winning technology of "mobile injection molding".
Mike Herbig, innovation expert of Audi AG, closed the first technology block and answered how, where and with which requirements the automotive industry should implement the circular economy and the use of recycled materials in the future including the value chain. Whether the green agreement and the needs of the customer industry are really climate-friendly and reflected in a resilient life cycle assessment remains to be seen. Professor Dr. Hans-Josef Endres, Director of the Institute for Plastics and Recycling Technology at Leibniz Universität Hannover, showed how to calculate the basics for individual products and processes. The day of presentations ended with an outlook on the world market for injection molding machines. Gerd Liebig, Managing Director of Sumitomo Demag, provided insights into volume, development and potential, in particular the European market and its expected development.
Michael Weigelt, managing director of GKV / TecPart, explains, "This conference covers a wide range of current industry topics." After a year of virtual communication, it is also an ideal platform for direct communication, which has long been lacking . Industry experts. "Attendees at this year's event will once again have ample time during break and evening activities to interact with speakers and industry peers. A special framework is traditionally available for this purpose. The schedule brochure with registration form can be downloaded at www.tecpart.de.

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