PE - Polyethylene

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Polyethylene HD (high density) - PE 300

Polyethylene HD or also known as polyethylene 300 (PE 300) is a high-density thermoplastic produced in a low-pressure process. PE HD material is easy to process and is therefore suitable for many different applications. Due to its excellent chemical resistance to alkalis, salts, acids and solvents, PE HD has a wide range of applications. Especially in chemical apparatus and tank construction.

Further applications of polyethylene HD (PE 300):

  • Drinking water and waste water technology
  • Sports & Leisure Orthopaedic Technology
  • food and beverage industry
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Air conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Deep drawing technique

The universal plastic polyethylene HD (PE 300) has excellent chemical resistance and good low-temperature impact strength. In addition, the material PE HD is characterised by many other product advantages.

Properties and advantages of polyethylene HD (PE 300):

  • Long service life
  • Very good weldability
  • Nearly no moisture absorption
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Black version permanently UV-resistant
  • Low weight
  • Easy processing

Polyethylene HMW (Migh Molecular Weight) - PE 500

Polyethylene HMW (PE HMW) or Polyethylene 500 (PE 500) is a high-molecular polyethylene which is characterised by its excellent scratch and cut resistance as well as outstanding acid resistance. PE HMW material is available in various colour versions for a wide range of applications in various branches of industry.

Due to its excellent properties, polyethylene HMW is used especially in the food industry and in mechanical engineering.

Further applications of polyethylene HMW (PE 500):

  • Environmental and waste disposal technology
  • apparatus and plant engineering
  • Lining technology
  • Conveying technology
  • Sports & Leisure
  • electrical and electronic industry

In addition, wherever increased strength is required for chemical attack in the minus temperature range.

The material PE HMW has a higher molecular weight and therefore higher strength. Compared to PE HD, PE 500 has excellent sliding properties and better abrasion resistance.

Further properties and advantages of polyethylene HMW (PE 500):

  • Very wear, cut and scratch resistant
  • Physiologically harmless Acid and alkali resistant
  • Nearly no moisture absorption
  • Excellent sliding properties
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good mechanical properties

Polyethylene UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) - PE 1000

Polyethylene UHMW (PE 1000) is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is characterised by excellent sliding properties, enormously high impact strength, extreme wear resistance and outstanding resistance to chemicals. The material PE UHMW has established itself in complex technical applications. PE 1000 material is predestined for construction elements and machine parts.

Further applications of polyethylene UHMW (PE 1000):

  • Mining
  • Medical Technology
  • Vehicle construction
  • Lining technology
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Paper industry
  • electrical and electronic industry
  • Chemical Technology
  • Packaging industry
  • Port construction
  • Food industry
  • General conveying technology
  • General mechanical engineering

Polyethylene 1000 is the polyethylene type with the highest molecular weight. For this reason, PE UHMW has excellent values with regard to abrasion resistance and sliding behaviour. Like PE HMW, polyethylene UHWM is characterised by exceptional toughness and dimensional stability even at very low temperatures. Due to its excellent emergency running properties, PE UHMW guarantees safe continuous operation.

Further advantages and properties of polyethylene UHMW (PE 1000):

  • UV-resistant
  • Good noise insulation
  • Dynamically strong
  • Very good performance in use at temperatures down to -200°C
  • High abrasion and wear resistance
  • Good sliding properties
  • High impact strength
  • High resistance to corrosion and chemicals
  • Self-lubricating properties
  • No water absorption

The material polyethylene can be processed easily and without problems in a wide variety of ways. For further information and the processing possibilities, please see our processing instructions for Polyethylene HD, -HMW and -UHMW.

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