Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) belongs to the group of special plastics and is one of the technical thermoplastics due to its diverse applications in technology.

PMMA is characterized by high stiffness, comparatively high impact strength and a surface that can be polished, which proves to be extremely scratch-resistant with special surface treatment.

The material is absolutely colourless and has excellent light resistance and permeability, which can also be influenced by colouring. PMMA is therefore used in the automotive industry for rear and flashing light covers, reflex reflectors and aircraft glazing, as well as in optics for magnifying glasses, lenses, spectacle and watch lenses. But the material is also frequently used in construction and electrical engineering.

In addition, polymethyl methacrylate has good electrical insulating properties and is resistant to acids and alkalis up to medium concentrations.

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