PA - Polyamide

Polyamide (PA) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic.

The material PA has a low density and high thermal stability.
Due to its excellent wear resistance, temperature resistance and outstanding impact strength, polyamides are primarily among the most useful and important construction materials. The material polyamide (PA) is a particularly oil-resistant thermoplastic and is also characterised by its excellent chemical resistance.

Due to the combination of various properties, PA is an excellent metal substitute. Among other things, it is used for the construction of insulation, industrial valves, automotive parts and many other technical applications where high strength, excellent impact resistance and low weight are required.

Further applications of PA:
  • Parts with simple contours
  • Slide bearing
  • Sealing rings
  • Guide elements
  • Coilformers
  • Control rollers
  • Ball bearing cages
  • Pump housing
  • Belt pulleys
Polyamide, also known as nylon, tends to absorb water and therefore offers lower dimensional stability than other construction plastics. The thermoplastic PA is available in various modifications.

The properties of the different types vary from the hard PA 6.6 to PA 6 to glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Depending on the type, the various polyamide modifications absorb different amounts of moisture, which influences the properties of the PA material as well as the dimensional stability of the finished parts.

With polyamide semi-finished products, a distinction is made between cast and extruded semi-finished products made of PA.

The casting process is suitable for larger construction parts with lower internal stress and quantities. Semi-finished products made of polyamide by extrusion are suitable for smaller parts with high production volumes.

PA is available in natural and black. In addition to the different colours, offers many other modifications.

Polyamide 6 (PA 6)

PA 6 is characterized by its excellent damping properties, high impact strength and high toughness - even at low temperatures. In addition, the plastic polyamide 6 has excellent abrasion resistance, especially in contact with rough surfaces. In contrast to cast PA 6, extruded polyamide 6 has higher moisture absorption. Due to this property, PA 6 is less wear-resistant and has a lower dimensional stability. The high chemical resistance of the PA 6 material and excellent mechanical strength make polyamide 6 (PA 6) a thermoplastic that can be used universally for mechanical applications.

Properties of PA 6 at a glance:
  • good mechanical strength
  • very good wear properties
  • good gliding characteristics
  • very good damping properties
  • high impact strength

Polyamide 6 Cast (PA 6 G)

Due to the production in the casting process, cast PA 6 G can be manufactured in considerably larger dimensions than extruded PA 6. Cast PA 6 is used in the mechanical engineering industry, automotive industry, heavy duty industry, oil and gas industry as well as in food technology. PA 6 G material is characterized by high toughness and strength, good sliding friction properties and excellent wear resistance. Polyamide 6 G casting is also electrically insulating and resistant to many oils, greases and fuels. 

Polyamide 6.6 (PA 6.6)

Compared to PA 6, polyamide 6.6 has higher strength, rigidity, wear resistance and temperature resistance. Due to its higher mechanical and thermal stability, increased creep resistance and excellent sliding and wear properties, PA 6.6 is ideally suited for automatic machining.

Properties of PA 6.6 at a glance:
  • highest tensile strength of the non-reinforced polyamides
  • highest melting point in the polyamide family
  • high impact strength
  • higher elongation at break than PA 6 G
  • lower moisture absorption than PA 6
Polyamide 6.6 is used in the machine industry, electrical industry and automotive industry. In addition, in aerospace and food technology. 

Polyamide 6 Glass fibre reinforced (PA 6 GF)

Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA 6 GF) exhibits higher strength, stiffness, creep resistance and dimensional stability than unreinforced PA 6 while maintaining high wear resistance. This type of polyamide permits use at high service temperatures and tends to produce less burr during machining.

Properties of PA 6 GF at a glance:
  • highest tensile strength among all types of PA, POM and PET
  • very high impact strength
  • low ultimate elongation
  • high moisture absorption like PA 6 G
  • maximum heat deflection temperature
PA 6 GF is particularly suitable for the manufacture of machine elements that are exposed to very high mechanical loads and must be dimensionally stable even at high temperatures. 

Polyamide 6.6 Glass fiber reinforced (PA 6.6 GF)

Glass fibre reinforced PA 6.6 has higher strength and hardness, a higher modulus of elasticity, lower moisture absorption and higher chemical resistance. In addition, PA 6.6 GF is UV-stable and much more impact and pressure resistant. As the glass fibres ensure a better hold of the nylon matrix at higher temperatures, a better thermal stability is also implemented. Compared to non-reinforced PA 6.6, these properties make the glass fiber-filled modification PA 6.6 GF a material suitable for components that are exposed to high static loads over long periods of time and at high temperatures. However, since glass fibers can lead to considerable abrasion on contact surfaces in some cases, PA 6.6 GF is less suitable for sliding applications.

Properties of PA 6.6 GF at a glance:
  • very high stiffness
  • high dimensional stability, good weldability and adhesive properties
  • UV-stable good heat deflection temperature
  • extremely high strength

Processing of polyamide

Processing information for PA

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In our shop we offer you the possibility to purchase the following products from PA:

PA sheets

You can obtain our PA sheets from us in a wide range of types, thicknesses and extensive dimensional variants.

Glass fibre reinforced PA plates are also available in our shop at short notice.

If individual dimensions are required, our cut-to-size configurator is available for you.

PA rods

PA round bars are also available in a variety of dimensions and different PA types.

If individual components manufactured according to drawings are required, please contact us!