Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) belongs to the amorphous thermoplastics.
PVC is originally a hard and brittle material and can be softened and shaped by certain additives in the form of plasticizers and stabilizers, for example for technical applications.
A large proportion of polyvinyl chloride's applications are now used in the construction industry, e.g. for pipelines, which hardly become clogged due to the smooth inner surface. Window profiles are also made of this material because they are very low-maintenance and easy to maintain and offer excellent weather resistance. In addition, PVC offers the possibility of producing the respective profiles in different colours and decors. Polyvinyl chloride is also widely represented in the construction industry as rigid foam or foamed material in the form of panels.
Due to its low weight, PVC is also suitable for the production of packaging and traffic (low fuel consumption) due to possible energy savings in various areas of application.

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