2022 EASA Convention

24.06.2022 13:28

The EASA Convention will be held at the American Center Convention Center in St. Louis. From June 26-28, 2022, it will feature innovations from U.S. and international mechanical components and electrical engineering companies.

When will the EASA Convention take place?

The EASA Convention will be held from June 26, 2022 to June 28, 2022. EASA Convention is an annual event held in St. Louis. Usually held in June.

Where will the EASA convention be held?

EASA Congress is held in St. Louis, USA, at the America's Center Convention Complex at 701 Street Convention Plaza in downtown St. Louis.

What will be on display at the EASA Congress?

At the EASA Congress there will be appointments with national and international exhibitors at the trade show for mechanical components, electronics, other electronics.

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