Corona self-test with straightforward use

14.06.2021 08:54

Covid19 antigen rapid test convenient with saliva swab by sponge test.

The Corona rapid test, performed with the support of medical personnel, has been a key component in the early detection of Corona infections over a large period of time. With the Covid19 antigen rapid test with saliva swab, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers a pleasant alternative to previous COVID test methods.

Advantages of the Covid19 rapid antigen test with saliva swab

  • High reliability due to saliva swab
  • Simplest procedure
  • Easy handling without additional analysis system
  • Rapid test result in 10 minutes
  • Pain- and anxiety-free sample collection
  • More safety for testers

How does the Corona test with saliva swab work?

  • Remove the test cassette from the sealed foil pouch and lay the test cassette flat on the table
  • Insert the saliva collector sponge side down into the cassette holder provided for the test, then press down until it clicks into place. (See illustration). The hump on the end of the saliva collector fits snugly into the hole in the back of the holder.
  • When the test starts working, a coloured line moves across the result window in the middle of the test
  • Do not read the result for 10 minutes | Less than 10 minutes could give a false negative result; more than 10 minutes could give a false positive result

To use the sponge test, instruction on how to perform the test is required. To do this, take a look at our product page On web page the application of the Corona self-test is described in detail. To clarify possible questions, we have set up a call centre. Questions about the product can be answered by calling 04435/971010.

Would you like to order the test immediately? Then visit our Online Shop. According to the manufacturer, the test also detects virus mutations.

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