Flatbed Die Cutting Competes with Rotary Die Cutting Differences between flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting

18.08.2021 11:23

Differences between flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting

Die cutting is a valued manufacturing process that can immediately and effectively cut modules from electrical insulating materials, thermal conductive products, technical films and gaskets.

Usually, die cutting is brought into understanding with materials such as rubber, plastic, foam, paper and even cardboard. So are punching machines that work with metal. Apart from this, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH does not process metals into punched parts. Stamping is a broad term that encompasses a number of alternative processes. Today we will collate two of those processes, flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting.

Flatbed die cutting vs. rotary die cutting

Both die cutting processes have their similarities: Both produce drawing parts, nevertheless those two manufacturing processes also have their certain unique characteristics.

1) What is rotary die cutting?

When you first think of rotary die cutting, you should think of a high-speed process that focuses on tolerance and accuracy. Rotary die cutting machines are typically used with rotating metal dies. Rotary die cutters are most commonly interacted with thin makes, larger jobs or kiss cut dies. The process starts by feeding the raw material to two rolling cylinders before the machine does the rest and punches the material. Nevertheless, during this process, speed and accuracy are paramount.

2) What is a flatbed die cutting machine?

Flatbed die cutting machines are a bit divergent than rotary die cutting machines. Typically, a flatbed die cutting machine has a fixed base with a head that can move. The dies of a flatbed die cutting machine often consist of sharp metal strips called steel rule blades. Flatbed die cutters are great for thicker product family, smaller jobs or lower cost die cutting. Furthermore, if a thicker material is to be worked with, a flatbed die-cutting machine is presumably used to complete the job.

The choice of die-cutting technology depends on the type and quantity of elements to be produced.

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