"In Focus: Transparent Plastics" - KUZ: Symposium

25.08.2021 08:23

Transparent plastics in injection molding: potentials, apps and limits of the material - this is the topic of the specialist event at the Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig (KUZ) on September 27 and 28, 2021.

Speakers from the manufacturing industry and science will explain the areas in which transparent plastics are used, the challenges associated with them and how various industries can benefit from the use of such plastics and progressive developments.

The extensive technical program is divided into the following three thematic blocks:

- Transparent plastics - characteristics and their modification, special features in processing.
- Challenges in injection molding production incl. quality assurance
- Applications with transparent plastics

Material manufacturers report to a certain extent on potentials of the materials computer, PMMA, COC and PP for divergent applications. Users of transparent plastics, for example, will present practical projects that reflect the specific requirements of materials, from design to process engineering implementation.
Quality controls in the process will also be addressed. All of this addresses issues ranging from measurement to the characteristics of total transmittance, haze and image sharpness according to standards. An outlook on the opportunities of additive manufacturing with transparent material systems rounds off the series of lectures.

Real-time pilot plant and trade exhibition

Also on display will be process engineering aspects within the compounding of transparent plastics, the creation of COC plates through to quality control, as well as various test specimens for preliminary material testing.

Another focus will be on the production of microfluidically structured biochips, injection compression molding of optical components and ultrasound-assisted separation of microlenses. The cleanroom production of small endoscope lenses with automated removal and optical defect detection rounds off the practical demonstrations.

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