Industrieverband Kunststoffbahnen: Continuing shortage of raw materials and rising prices

29.06.2021 11:07

As early as March 2021, the Industrieverband Kunststoffbahnen e.V. (IVK Europe) pointed out the wave of force majeure announcements from the European raw materials industry and their consequences. As before, there was no peace in sight.

As the IVK Europe continues at present, the tense situation on the raw material markets continues. The producers of products made of plastics are significantly affected by further rising prices and massive supply bottlenecks. The demand for packaging for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as well as for the food industry is still high; the construction and furniture industries are also booming. The IVK member companies as producers of plastic products for important regions of everyday life are strongly affected by the current situation.

The lack of available raw material within the same moment of high demand has serious consequences: The supply could no longer be completely guaranteed in parts of the production. In some cases, these supply bottlenecks would even lead to the temporary shutdown of production plants. Plastics processors would have to cope with severe price increases, up to record levels for prices of polymers and additives. The market is far away from an alleviation of the situation.

The IVK Europe would like to follow up and report on the situation, likewise the dispute about political options for action.

About the IVK Europe e.V.

The IVK Europe represents the common interests of companies that produce webs of plastic and rubber for many apps. The IVK Europe is the mouthpiece of its participants on political and social level, as well as in Europe as in the member states.

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