Insulating sheet "NASBIS" from Panasonic

26.08.2022 15:52
Panasonic's "NASBIS" insulation sheet is a flexible thermal insulation sheet made of proprietary silica aerogel and fibers. Highly porous films with nanoscale hollow particles have a thermal conductivity of approximately 0.02 W/mK, making them ideal for insulation.
The thermal conductivity of NASBIS is lower than that of air, so it can insulate against high temperatures. They are so thin and flexible that they can be bent and used in tight spaces. Panasonic NASBIS insulating sheets are suitable for portable devices, smartphones and many other small electronic devices.
NASBIS sheets, along with other thermal management products, provide a wide range of thermal protection. The properties of the resulting composite product insulate and reduce the temperature at the hot spot of the heat source. As a result, the surface temperature of an electronic component can be greatly reduced.
Stamped parts made from nano-silica balloon insulating films
Dr. Dietrich Müller manufactures stamped parts and molded parts from "NASBIS" insulating films from Panasonic, which are used in various fields.

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