Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences: 22nd Plastics Conference - Focus on Circular Economy and Additive Manufacturing

14.06.2021 08:20

Due to a pandemic, this year's symposium of the Laboratory Department of Plastics Technology at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences will be held in online format on June 16-17. The program, however, remains the same - a mix of technical presentations and an accompanying trade exhibition.

Circular economy and additive manufacturing for plastics: these are the topics of this year's digital symposium "Advances in Plastics Technology" at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. For more than two decades, the organizer, Plastics Technology Laboratory, has been delighted with the great interest shown by the specialist audience. The combination of lectures from practice and the technical exhibition of new product chain has proven itself for more than two decades. This year's organizing team, headed by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Krumpholz and Prof. Dr. Svea Petersen, is sticking to this principle - just as it will if this very conference is held in an online format.

Circular economy as a sustainability strategy

"Circular economy is one of the most essential sustainability strategies for plastics," says Thorsten Krumpholz. The challenge, he says, is to close the independent loops from the side of involving all partners and within all this to keep the quality of plastics at the required high level. "Here already many good examples exist, in the first place likewise within the contemporary small and middle processors of the plastic industry", in this kind the professor for plastic technology. He is pleased that six renowned experts from Germany and Japan as idea givers present their best practice examples.

Additive manufacturing as a growth driver

"Additive manufacturing of plastic components is coming more and more into the focus of research and industry at every point in time because of its design and manufacturing advantages," knows Svea Petersen. The professor of chemistry and surface modification of polymer biomaterials cites impressive figures: "For the anno 2025, an annual growth of the additive manufacturing market to spherical 24% is popular and its total volume - to, for example, 4.5 billion US dollars." Thus, he said, it is one of the biggest growth drivers of plastics processing in modern times. Well-known players on the scene will demonstrate the current status of the technology and directions for the future at the Plastics Conference.

Combined event with the Polymers Knowledge and Innovation Network

Together with the Knowledge and Innovation Network Polymers (WIP), a combination event will be held on two consecutive days (June 16 and 17), along with the evening event, both of which will focus on the above-mentioned topics. All interested parties are cordially invited to learn about the current state of the technology and its future prospects in a short time and at a considerable discount (see also plasticker news of 11.05.2021).

Study of the plastic technology: Candidacy up to in the middle or at the end of July possible

Who is accessible for the extremely versatile professional field of plastics engineering, can apply for a study place at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. There is a choice of Bachelor's degree programs in plastics engineering, plastics engineering in a practical setting (dual), materials engineering and the Master's degree program in applied materials science. The deadline for eligibility for the Bachelor's programs is July 31, for the Master's program - July 15. All important dates can be found at www.hs-osnabrueck.de/wir/fakultaeten/iui/studium/.

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