PUR foam board - dim: 2000 x 1000 x 3 mm - closed-cell - anthracite

Item number: 0100-FS30179-2000-1000

Category: Polyurethan - Schaumstoffplatten

  • Flame-retardant foams (DIN 4102/EN 13501-1, FMVSS 302 and many more)
  • Low-emission and low-odor foams
  • Tolerance compensating and good restoring force
  • Electrically conductive, statically dissipative and antistatic foams (ESD protection)
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Polyurethane - foam sheet

Sheet made of PUR foam Flexseal® FS 30179


Flexsal® PUR FS 30179 is a sealing material made of closed-cell PUR foam.


Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 is used in plant and machine construction, in the automotive industry and for rail vehicles. 


Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 is ideal for end couplings and for noise and vibration damping, as its structure is open-cell. In addition, ether-based Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 is suitable as a permanently elastic cushion or sealing tape, due to its good resilience. Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 has high temperature resistance and is resistant to many solvents and chemicals. We process several PUR foams, with different densities, to serve as many different industries as possible. Therefore, Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 material is used in automotive, construction, industrial, medical, orthopedic, electronics and many other fields.

Areas of application:

Among them, Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 is flame retardant (DIN 4102 B1 or EN13501-1) and have proven their worth as thermal and sound insulation materials due to their technical properties (such as lower thermal conductivity or high sound absorption).

In addition, our closed-cell grades are suitable for various sealing applications. Self-adhesive finishes for various substrates round off our product portfolio.

Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 has been used in the construction industry in a variety of ways, including:

  • impact sound insulation
  • Heat insulation and noise reduction
  • Door and window sealing strips
  • sealing tape
  • acoustic absorbers to improve room acoustics

Due to the numerous fields of application, the demand for foam parts in the industry can be diverse. With our extensive foam portfolio and various technical properties, we can successfully serve you.

Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 is used in the following industries, including:

Electrical industry

  • Gaskets and pads are made of UL certified materials
  • Packaged in conductive or antistatic foam
  • Underlayers of RFID tags

Plastics processing

  • Foam supports, reinforces or protects plastic parts
  • Head and chin protectors in helmet package
  • Transport protector and carrier device made of foam, (also equipped with residue-free removable adhesive)
  • Optically attractive display boxes and box inlays, factory and in mechanical engineering
  • The gasket is made of a variety of closed-cell foams that resist a wide range of chemicals
  • Heat and sound insulation materials made of PUR, melamine foam and porous rubber

Food and medical technology

  • Food packaging (indirect food contact)
  • seals and die-cuts of machines in the food industry
  • Foam stoppers in tablet packaging
  • Mats and inserts for rehabilitation and orthopedics

Solar and photovoltaic systems

  • Sealing tapes and gaskets made of porous rubber and PUR foam for the assembly of solar modules and photovoltaic systems, for flat roofs and outdoor installations.

Standard color:

Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 is supplied in anthracite as standard.

Delivery forms: 

Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 is available in the form of sheets, as a sealing tape. At the customer's request, these can also be made self-adhesive. Other delivery forms on customer request.

We also supply stamped parts made of Flexseal® PUR FS 30179 and molded parts made of Flexseal® PUR FS 30179.

Property Test method  Unit value
Volume weight DIN 53420 kg/m³ 75 +/- 5 %
Compression hardness 40% DIN 53577 kPa 14 +/- 15 %
Tensile strength DIN 53571 kPa >220
Elongation at break DIN 53571 % >140

Compression set test

50 %
75 %

DIN 53572   %



Impression hardness at 40

25 %
40 %
65 %

DIN 53576B N 460 +/- 15 %
560 +/- 15 %
1150 +/- 15 %
Temperature resistance Internal   -40 to +120°C
Fire behavior MVSS 302   complies

Trademark information:

Flexseal® is a registered trademark of Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, Germany.

For your attention:

The information in this technical data sheet is based on our current knowledge and experience. Due to the wide range of possible influences during application, they do not exempt the processor and user from carrying out their own tests and trials. A legally binding assurance of certain properties or suitability for a specific application cannot be derived from our information. Depending on the individual case, we recommend consultation with us.The recipient of our products is responsible for observing any industrial property rights and existing laws.

The illustration is for illustration purposes only.

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