SKZ: Research project "Qoncert" - the automation of secondary plastics quality testing and marketing.

15.12.2021 11:50

In the "Qoncert" project, SKZ Plastics Center is working with software experts from Anaptis and Infosim to develop new digital tools. The goal is to improve the availability and quality of secondary plastics. The three partners are focusing on combining data, processes and new network technologies, artificial intelligence engines and customized interfaces.
The "Qoncert" solution will enable plastics processors and recyclers to easily sell their secondary materials through multiple sales channels simultaneously. In addition, testing services will be digitally integrated into this process. This is intended to speed up their processing and provide digital evidence more effectively.
Development of a data model based on ontology
An ontology-based data model will be developed to ensure the required interoperability and serve as the basis for the two core components of "Qoncert": intelligent data analysis and prediction functions. In addition, the software will support automatic data exchange between companies, for example by connecting to existing ERP systems and programming interfaces. Oliver Stübs, Infosim's "Qoncert" project manager, emphasized, "What we want to achieve are new cooperations in the value chain and innovative testing services - both of which can promote the recycling of high-quality plastics." "With the 'Qoncert' project, we have created the greatest possible material testing integration in the trade of recycled materials, thus realizing the broad use of these raw materials." Added Felix Hartmann of SKZ.
In the QONCERT alliance, partners combine their data acquisition and analysis capabilities in the areas of plastics processing and materials testing (SKZ), process optimization and ERP systems (Anaptis), and automated service management and platforms (Infosim).
About the project
The project "Qoncert-Data Automation for Recycling Quality Testing and Online Marketing with Robust Technology in the Circular Economy" (funding code DIK-2106-0002/DIK0301/01) was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs as "Bavarian Digital". Strategy and Bavaria Part of the High-Tech Agenda Development and Energy (StMWi) is the program "Artificial Intelligence - Big Data" funded until February 2024.

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