SKZ expert meeting: "Bonding and surface technology for plastics

01.12.2020 10:17

SKZ expert meeting 

In recent months, the SKZ Plastics Centre has supplemented its technology transfer activities, such as conference events, training and further education events and meetings of project-related committees of research projects with online formats. 
This is particularly true for events that traditionally attract large numbers of participants, which under normal circumstances bring together company representatives from different regions in person. For this reason, the sixth SKZ expert meeting "Bonding and Surface Technology for Plastics" also took place in virtual form. In total, more than 40 people took part,

As every year, the focus will be on the professional exchange of information on industrially relevant topics in surface and bonding technology: Starting with the pre-treatment of plastic surfaces by corona discharge, plasma or flame treatment, the subsequent characterization (chemical composition, surface energy, roughness) and bonding technology (selection and properties of adhesives, processing conditions) to the aging and testing of bonds (chemical analysis, fracture patterns, interface phenomena, etc.).

Dr. Heiko Fauser (Panacol-Elosol GmbH) started his presentation by giving an insight into the challenges of adhesive formulation for bonding to plastics. Heinrich Leicht (SKZ) then discussed the challenges and potentials of modifying silicones with electrically conductive fillers. Julian Hessebach (SKZ) concluded the "Bonding" lecture block with a contribution on the damping behavior of bonded, reinforced plastic bonds. In addition, Marc Jacobs (Molecular Plasma Group) informed about physical surface pretreatment using MolecularGRIPTM technology, with which even very sensitive substrates can be successfully pretreated. This is relevant, since bonding processes are often accompanied by an upstream activation step.

The session was concluded with several reports by experts from SKZ on results from their current research in the field of bonding and surface technology. In addition, they presented planned research activities for discussion.

Dr. Benjamin Baudrit, head of the departments "Joining and Surface Technology" and "Products and Processes" at SKZ explained: "We are very interested in a lively technical exchange with our partners in order to make our research even more practice-oriented. Our annual expert groups "Bonding and Surface Technology" and "Welding of Plastics" offer the best conditions for this". 

Dr. Eduard Kraus, head of the "Joining and Surface Technology" research group, acted as the event's director. With regard to the upcoming event, Kraus discussed: "If the health situation allows it, there will be another presence event at SKZ next year. In this way we can offer our partners a deeper insight into our laboratories and pilot plants and the networking aspect will also be much more important again". 

The next meeting is scheduled for September 2021. Participation is free of charge and interested parties from industry have the opportunity to join the committee.

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