Symposium: "Polyamides - Multifaceted high-performance materials" with a focus on "New Mobility"

24.11.2020 10:57

Polyamides-Symposium with a focus on "New Mobility"

The sustainable use of finite resources or the avoidance of climate-damaging emissions is becoming increasingly difficult due to our need for mobility. With the help of "New Mobility", sustainable solutions have been developed that mitigate the contradiction between environmental pollution and our need for mobility.
Of central importance are the electrification of the drive system, further digitalization of the vehicle and autonomous driving.
The symposium "Polyamides - Multifaceted high-performance materials" took place on November 10 and 11 at the Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg. The thematic focus was on "New Mobility" and the symposium was chaired by Jürgen Knaup, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH.

The conference started with a contribution on the recycling industry. In this way, the organizer wants to look beyond the polyamide boundaries and address a topic that is also becoming increasingly important in the public and political area and is confronting the entire plastics industry with new challenges.
Subsequently the topic of electromobility was discussed in detail. The other contributions dealt with thermoplastic foams, specifically with the development of a highly stressed component with a foam core and the production of particle foams.

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